Correction to the definition of the imbalance mass required to correct a disk skew as reported on page 459. The equation was stated correctly, the explanation of the term Uoz was in error.

  • δs

    = runout from dial indicator, in. 1in.=2.54cm

  • δw

    = axial separation of balance weights, symmetric to disk centerline, in. 1in.=2.54cm

  • Uoz

    = couple unbalance mass required to counteract or to simulate a skew, oz1oz=28.35g

  • D

    = diameter of disk, in. 1in.=2.54cm

  • Ds

    = diameter where skew was measured, in. 1in.=2.54cm

  • Dw

    = diameter of balance weight circle, in. 1in.=2.54cm

  • W

    = disk weight, lbf.1lbf=4.45N