A methodology is presented for the calculation of the natural frequencies of orthotropic axisymmetrically loaded shells of revolution including the effect of transverse shear deformation. The fundamental system of equations governing the free vibration of the stress-free shells of revolution are modified such that the initial stresses due to the axisymmetric loading are incorporated into the analysis. The linear equations on the vibration about the deformed state are solved by using the transfer matrix method which makes use of the multisegment numerical integration technique. This method is commonly known as frequency trial method. The solution for the initial stresses due to axisymmetric loading is omitted; since the application of the transfer matrix method, making use of multisegment numerical integration technique for both linear and nonlinear equations are available in the literature. The method is verified by applying it to the solution of the natural frequencies of spinning disks, for which exact solutions exist in the literature, and a deep paraboloid for which approximate solutions exist. The governing equations for a shell of revolution are used to approximate circular disks by decreasing the curvature of the shell of revolution to very low values, and good agreement is seen between the results of the present method and the exact solution for spinning disks and the approximate solution for a deep paraboloid.

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