Vibration and deflection of a silicon-wafer slicer cutting the crystal ingot is studied analytically. The blade is clamped and then tensioned in the radial direction at the outer boundary. The inner periphery is under the action of distributed in-plane and lateral slicing loads from the workpiece. The stresses from tensioning, spinning, and loading from the workpiece are taken into account in the in-plane stress evaluation of the blade. The solution is obtained by introducing the multi-modal expansion and applying the Galerkin method to the governing equation of the blade. Numerical results are presented for an actual SUS 301 blade cutting a 15.24 cm (6 in.) diameter silicon ingot. Results obtained show that the initial tensioning has a significant effect on the natural frequencies of the blade, while the lateral deflection of the blade is much affected by the lateral reaction force from the ingot.

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