For the purpose of isolating the vibration transmission from machines to soil and vice versa, this paper presents a new active vibration isolation method, that is, a hybrid vibration isolation method capable of isolating the vibration in the whole frequency range. The hybrid isolation method contains the following three characteristics: (1) a low-pass filter of a conventional elastic support method; (2) a high-pass filter of an active vibration isolation method; (3) suppression of a resonant peak due to an elastic support by a servo damper method; First, this paper presents the principle of the hybrid vibration isolation method and shows a fundamental structure of the system. Then by making the active isolator work as a damper, the suppression of a resonant peak due to an elastic support is achieved. Next, taking into consideration both the control effect and the stability of the system, the design procedure of the hybrid vibration isolation system is shown. Moreover, a control chart to estimate the control effect for suppressing the force transmissibility is presented. Finally, an experiment is carried out, demonstrating that the hybrid isolation method is capable of suppressing the exciting force in almost all the frequency range.

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