Aerodynamic damping simulations involving detailed CFD models are nowadays an integral part of turbomachinery design processes, thanks to advancements made in simulation tools and in computer hardware over the last decades. However, the test cases available in the open literature suitable for the validation and continued development of simulation tools is rather limited. On this background, a new test facility is introduced that allows acquiring relevant and high-quality aerodynamic damping test data on axial compressor rotor test objects in controlled manner. The test facility is built as a closed loop and thus enables operation at variable pressure levels ranging from near-vacuum to overpressure and with different operating media. Overall damping test data is acquired at controlled synchronous and non-synchronous vibration conditions. While vibrations of the blades at controlled non-synchronous vibration conditions can be introduced in the test facility by means of a proprietary electromagnetic excitation system that is acting below the hub line, vibrations at controlled synchronous conditions can be introduced from a set of magnets integrated into the casing. Great care has been spent to create a clean test case without any intruding parts or openings in the test section. In addition, an axial compressor blisk is presented, which acts a test object to show the capabilities of the test facility as well as to allow for detailed investigations of aerodynamic damping.

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