Non-engine order rotor blade vibration is an aeroelastic phenomenon of major interest for compressor designers resulting from an excitation of rotor blade modes through aerodynamic instabilities. Indicators for a comparable type of instability, caused by propagating acoustic modes have been observed in an experimental multistage high-speed compressor by Safran Helicopter Engines.

It is intended to understand the cause for these instabilities by combining experimental data and numerical simulations.

Unsteady pressure measurements were carried out by case-mounted and stator-mounted transducers. Rotor tip timing and magnet-coil sensor systems were installed to measure the blade vibrations.

Experimental results show non-engine order signatures in the unsteady pressure signal coherent to the shifted frequency of blade vibrations. In the present paper the waveform of these oscillations is analysed in detail, showing a dominant propagating acoustic mode interacting with vibrations of Rotor-2.

The root cause for the non-synchronous oscillations is identified as an acoustic mode that is cut-off downstream of Rotor-3. During the test, the mode changes its frequency and circumferential order, affecting the amplitude of associated blade vibrations.

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