The authors appreciate Dr. Ligrani’s comment on the paper. The discrepancy of heat transfer enhancement on the dimpled surface reported by different investigators might be due to the use of different measurement technique for the data taken and reduction. In addition to the aforementioned studies, for example, Zhou and Acharya [15] reported that the heat transfer enhancements of the dimpled surface for nonrotation could be about 1.5–2 times the smooth channel values for a dimple depth to print diameter ratio of 0.29 by using the naphthalene sublimation mass-transfer technique. Moon and Lau 22 showed that the dimpled surface heat transfer for nonrotation enhanced about 1.6–1.8 times the smooth-channel values for the dimple depth to print diameter ratios around 0.2–0.23 by using the standard aluminum plate with heaters and thermocouples. These heat transfer enhancement ratios are close to the present study’s values for nonrotation by using...

Moon, S. W., and Lau, S. C., 2002, “Turbulent Heat Transfer Measurements on a Wall with Concave and Cylindrical Dimples in a Square Channel,” ASME TURBO EXPO 2002, GT-2002-30208.
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