Interaction phenomena between rotor and stator are unavoidable in advanced compressors and their effects increase with the performance of the turbomachines. Until now, it was not possible to quantify the interaction effects, but with the development of three-dimensional unsteady computation codes in a complete stage, it is possible to know, in detail, the flow field through the machine and to make evident and to explain the difficulties encountered in measuring the flow parameters. A study has been conducted in this way at ONERA, on an axial transonic compressor stage. The computations have been made with a simulation of the losses; in this manner, the overall computed and measured performances of the compressor are the same. A detailed analysis of the unsteady computation results makes evident, between rotor and stator, large variations of some parameters of the flow as a function of time, but also as a function of the axial and tangential relative position of steady probes and stator blades. Unsteady measurements made on another transonic machine confirm the indications given by these computations.

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