Experiments were conducted for film cooling through rows of slanted holes into the stagnation region of a two-dimensional blunt body with a circular leading edge. The rows were located at ± 15 deg +44 deg from stagnation. The holes in each row were spaced four hole diameters apart and were angled 30 deg to the surface in the spanwise direction. Detailed velocity and temperature measurements were obtained downstream of injection. Measurements were taken for three secondary-to-incident flow mass flux ratios at various streamwise and spanwise positions. The results show large initial spanwise variations and indicate that the injected secondary flow at high mass flux ratios actually leaves the surface. In addition, it was found that the aerodynamic loss caused by injection increases linearly with the mass injected and that for a given hole pattern, there is an optimum blowing rate at which the injected fluid from one row of holes does not interfere with that from the other.

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