Effects of embedded longitudinal vortices on heat transfer in turbulent boundary layers with injection from a single film-cooling hole are described. These results were obtained at a free-stream velocity of 10 m/s, with a film-cooling hole inclined 30 deg to the horizontal and a blowing ratio of about 0.50. The ratio of vortex core diameter to injection hole diameter was 1.58, and the ratio of circulation to injection velocity time hole diameter was about 3.16. Coolant distributions and spatially resolved heat transfer measurements indicate that injection hole centerlines must be at least 2.9–3.4 vortex core diameters away from the vortex center in the lateral direction to avoid significant alterations to wall heat transfer and distributions of film coolant. Under these circumstances, protection from film cooling is evident at least up to 55 hole diameters downstream of injection. When the injection hole is closer to the vortex center, secondary flows convect most injectant into the vortex upwash and thermal protection from film cooling is destroyed for streamwise locations from the injection hole greater than 17.5 hole diameters.

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