Heat transfer effects of longitudinal vortices embedded within film-cooled turbulent boundary layers on a flat plate were examined for free-stream velocities of 10 m/s and 15 m/s. A single row of film-cooling holes was employed with blowing ratios ranging from 0.47 to 0.98. Moderate-strength vortices were used with circulating-to-free stream velocity ratios of −0.95 to −1.10 cm. Spatially resolved heat transfer measurements from a constant heat flux surface show that film coolant is greatly disturbed and that local Stanton numbers are altered significantly by embedded longitudinal vortices. Near the downwash side of the vortex, heat transfer is augmented, vortex effects dominate flow behavior, and the protection from film cooling is minimized. Near the upwash side of the vortex, coolant is pushed to the side of the vortex, locally increasing the protection provided by film cooling. In addition, local heat transfer distributions change significantly as the spanwise location of the vortex is changed relative to film-cooling hole locations.

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