The paper describes effects of the incidence on cascade three-dimensional flows and on the associated loss mechanisms occurring in a low-speed linear turbine rotor cascade. For each of five nominal incidences ranging from 7.2 to −53.3 deg, the cascade flow was surveyed at 15 or 16 planes located axially throughout the cascade. Blade-to-blade flows at the cascade midspan and near the endwalls, meridional flows along the blade surfaces, and static and total pressures within the cascade were analyzed in detail. The results were represented by two- or three-dimensional tomograms, on the surfaces of which the cascade flows were drawn by vectors, scalar contours, and streaklines, and from which one can easily understand the extraordinarily complicated cascade flows and the loss generation mechanisms. The present study will not only give new insight into the incidence effects, but will also contribute many solid experimental facts of a quantitative nature to our current knowledge of turbine cascade flows.

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