The passage shock wave–endwall boundary layer interaction in a transonic compressor was investigated with a laser transit anemometer. The transonic compressor used in this investigation was developed by the General Electric Company under contract to the Air Force. The compressor testing was conducted in the Compressor Research Facility at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH. Laser measurements were made in two blade passages at seven axial locations from 10 percent of the axial blade chord in front of the leading edge to 30 percent of the axial blade chord into the blade passage. At three of these axial locations, laser traverses were taken at different radial immersions. A total of 27 different locations were traversed circumferentially. The measurements reveal that the endwall boundary layer in this region is separated from the core flow by what appears to be a shear layer where the passage shock wave and all ordered flow seem to end abruptly.

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