Shrouded and unshrouded versions of a four-vaned radial flow impeller with a design flow coefficient of 0.063 were tested in a volute pump using a two-component frequency-shifted laser velocimeter. Velocity profiles were measured at six flow rates and at four radial and six circumferential positions in the volute. The variations of the velocity from blade to blade and in the axial direction were measured and are presented. A passage vortex caused by tip leakage and relative casing wall velocity was found in the unshrouded impeller. The tip leakage did not accumulate in the suction wake region; the suction wake region was only 30 to 50 percent as large in the unshrouded impeller as compared to the shrouded impeller. The slip was 30 percent higher in the unshrouded impeller and the variation of slip with flow rate is presented. At no measured position in the impellers did the slip factor reach unity; the closest approach was 0.90. Reverse loadings of the vanes at outer radii were found for flow rates below the impeller/volute matching point for both impellers.

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