Modifying a simple-cycle gas turbine to include heat exchangers can improve its thermal efficiency significantly (as much as 20 percent). Advanced regenerative and intercooled regenerative gas turbines for marine application have recently been the subject of numerous studies, most of which have shown that lower fuel consumption can be achieved by adding heat exchangers to existing simple-cycle gas turbines. Additional improvements in thermal efficiency are available by increasing the efficiency of the turbomachinery itself, particularly that of the gas turbine’s air compressor. Studies by Caterpillar Tractor Company and Solar Turbines Incorporated on a recuperated, variable-geometry gas turbine indicate an additional 8 to 10 percent improvement in thermal efficiency is possible when an improved higher efficiency compressor is included in the gas turbine modification. During these studies a novel compressor, the Axi-Fuge, was devised. This paper discusses the Axi-Fuge concept, its origin, design criteria and approach, and some test results.

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