The primitive variable formulation originally developed for the incompressible Navier–Stokes equations is applied for the solution of the incompressible Euler equations. The unsteady momentum equation is solved for the velocity field and the continuity equation is satisfied indirectly in a Poisson-type equation for the pressure (divergence of the momentum equation). Solutions for the pressure Poisson equation with derivative boundary conditions exist only if a compatibility condition is satisfied (Green’s theorem). This condition is not automatically satisfied on nonstaggered grids. A new method for the solution of the pressure equation with derivative boundary conditions on a nonstaggered grid [25] is used here for the calculation of the pressure. Three-dimensional solutions for the inviscid rotational flow in a 90 deg curved duct are obtained on a very fine mesh (17 × 17 × 29). The use of a fine grid mesh allows for the accurate prediction of the development of the secondary flow. The computed results are in good agreement with the experimental data of Joy [15].

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