In this research, AA2024 aluminum alloy-based surface composites was fabricated using ex-situ titanium boride particles (TiB2) as reinforcement using friction stir processing technique. Microstructural and mechanical variation with respect to addition of TiB2 onto AA2024 surface was studied and evaluated. Results proposed an increase in mechanical strength and hardness with respect to TiB2 addition when compared with the substrate metal. Dry sliding wear characteristics of aluminum surface composites at varying sliding distances (500m, 1000m, 1500m and 2000m) was analyzed using pin-on-disc apparatus. Wear resistance of developed surface composites improved comparatively with respect to substrate metal due to the combined effect of particle inclusion and friction stir processing. Characterization of worn out surface composites proposed that wear mechanism happens due to combination of abrasive and adhesive wear, while the major material removal happens due to abrasive wear.

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