The study emphasized the sintering behaviour and tribo-mechanical properties of alumina ceramics by nano TiO2 addition as a sintering aid. With increase in sintering temperature, the bulk density of alumina has increased gradually and optimized at 1600°C. The optimizing effect of densification at 1600°C is 98.25% by the addition of 1 wt.% nano TiO2. The maximum solid solubility of titania in alumina grains was at 1600°C, causes optimisation of densification by 1 wt. % addition. The excess addition of TiO2 formed low dense Al2TiO5, appear as a secondary phase at grain boundaries and does not significantly improved densification. Fracture toughness increases and coefficient of friction decreases with the addition of nano TiO2 in alumina matrix. The 1wt.% nano TiO2 addition improved hardness to 8.82% and reduces specific wear rate to 45.56%. The 1wt.% nano TiO2 addition greatly influenced the microstructure of sintered Al2O3. The morphology was sharply changed from hexagonal columnar shape to order sub round orientation which also directly impact the tribo-mechanical properties of sintered alumina. The 1wt.% addition substantially decreases wear track depth as observed by 3D surface profilometer. Microscopic observation of the worn-out surface showed that wearing is majorly caused by plastic deformation and abrasion.

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