Major cooling and lubricating properties such as conduction, convection and lubricant stability at higher temperature are improvised by the addition nano particle into metal cutting fluids. The present investigation is mainly focused into the effects of pure coconut oil (PC) based nano-fluids through minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) on oblique cutting performance of Al-7079/7wt.%-TiC in-situ reinforced metal matrix composites (MMCs). The machining performance has been evaluated under dry machining, pure coconut oil (PC)-MQL and MQL by varying 0.1 % to 0.6 vol. % nano particles into PC. The performance of nano cutting fluids were compared to dry machining and PC machining in terms of cutting forces, tool wear, cutting zone temperature, and surface roughness respectively. It has found that, compared to dry and PC-MQL machining, the performance of nano MQL machining was superior among all cutting conditions. However, above 0.4 % nano particles, the nano MQL performance was degraded drastically which leads to the substantial increment in cutting forces, tool wear, surface roughness and cutting zone temperature respectively.

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