In-situ TiN ceramic particle reinforced FeCoNiCrMnTi high entropy alloy coating was fabricated by laser cladding processing at high purity nitrogen gas atmosphere on the AISI 304 stainless steel substrate. The effect of Ti addition on the microstructure, phase structure and wear properties of the coatings were investigated. The results showed that phase structure of the coatings were mainly FCC-type γ phase. A few of cubic or flower-like TiN ceramic were formed after adding titanium into the FeCoNiCrMn powder. When atomic ratio of Ti exceeds 0.5, Laves phases appeared in the coatings. With increasing of Ti, the micro-hardness and wear resistance of the coatings increased, but friction coefficient and crack resistance of the coatings reduced. Suitable Ti content in the FeCoNiCrMnTix, laser composite coating had higher resistance to adhesive wear, oxidation wear and cracking resistance.

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