Four kinds of aviation liquid lubricants (i.e. 4010#, 4050#, 4106# and 4109# oils) were homogeneously coated on the graphene/MoS2 composite coating through a spin-coating method to form the solid-liquid lubricating combinations. The tribological properties of the obtained solid-liquid combinations and pure graphene/MoS2 coating were investigated experimentally. Effects of the liquid lubricant type on the friction and wear behaviors of the solid-liquid combinations and pure graphene/MoS2 coating were studied at different applied loads and rotational speeds. Within the ranges of the applied load varying from 10-50 N and rotational speed varying from 750-1500 r/min, the presence of the above-mentioned liquid lubricants significantly reduces the friction coefficient of the pure graphene/MoS2 coating, and the reduction rate is as high as 24%. Additionally, the coating-4109# combination has the best synergistic effect under the above operation condition.

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