This research work investigates the root causes of wear on the tribo-surface of mechanically alloyed Aluminium/CNT composite through a simulated in-situ analysis. The wear maps are developed using the second order polynomial regression equation for the Aluminium/CNT composite to discriminate the wear mechanisms at different levels of their influencing factors and milling parameters. As a result, the predominant wear mechanism is identified as surface fatigue for Aluminium/CNT composite under high loading dry sliding condition. This study also reveals the modes for eliminating the severe wear at the tribo-surfaces. Aluminium/CNT1 wt. % composite fabricated with the mechanical alloying parameters above 6 hours of milling time and above 5 rps of milling speed eliminates the delamination under low level of tribological parameters and it achieves the minimal wear rate of 30.5 x 10-6 g/m and Coefficient of Friction (CoF) of 0.346.

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