A parametric study was performed with 120-mm bore angular-contact ball bearings under varying thrust loads, bearing and lubricant temperatures, and cooling and lubricant flow rates. Contact angles were nominally 20 and 24 deg with bearing speeds to 3 million DN. Endurance tests were run at 3 million DN and a temperature of 492 K (425 deg F) with 10 bearings having a nominal 24-deg contact angle at a thrust load of 22241 N (5000 lb). Bearing operating temperature, differences in temperatures between the inner and outer races, and bearing power consumption can be tuned to any desirable operating requirement by varying 4 parameters. These parameters are outer-race cooling, inner-race cooling, lubricant flow to the inner race, and oil inlet temperature. Preliminary endurance tests at 3 million DN and 492 K (425 deg F) indicate that long-term bearing operation can be achieved with a high degree of reliability.

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