Rolling-element fatigue tests were run with eight through-hardened bearing materials at 150 deg F. One-half in. dia balls of each material were run in five-ball fatigue testers. Care was taken to maintain constant all variables known to affect rolling-element fatigue life. The longest lives at 150 deg F were obtained with AISI 52100. Ten-percent lives of the other materials ranged from 7 to 78 percent of that obtained with 52100. A trend is indicated toward decreased rolling-element fatigue life with increased total weight percent of alloying elements. Three groups of 120-mm bore ball bearings made from AISI M-1, AISI M-50, and WB-49 were fatigue tested at an outer-race temperature of 600 deg F. The 10-percent lives of the M-50 and M-1 bearings exceeded the calculated AFBMA life by factors of 13 and 6, respectively. The bearings with WB-49 races showed lives less than AFBMA life. The results of the bearing tests at 600 deg F correlate well with the results of the five-ball fatigue data at 150 deg F.

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