The relative importance, with respect to load-carrying capacity, of each geometrical parameter in a self-lubricated thrust bearing, with an enclosed pocket, is examined at Λ = 0.55. The bearing geometries, including the pocket configurations, for three types of film profiles are optimized. The film profiles in the pocket considered are flat-step, tapered, and taper-step, Fig. 1. Of these three profiles of film, the taper-step film, in an enclosed-pocket bearing, offers the best load-carrying capacity. The variations of load versus each geometrical parameter are shown graphically to facilitate design procedure. These results are obtained from the solution of Reynold’s equation for a compressible fluid film as approximated by the finite-difference method [5]. The load-carrying capacity of an enclosed-pocket bearing with taper-step profile can be significantly higher than that of a bearing with the spiral-grooved pattern under the conditions investigated.

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