A theoretical analysis is made of a composite slider bearing using an electrically conducting lubricant such as a liquid metal in the presence of a magnetic field applied perpendicular to the bearing surfaces. Two solutions are presented for large and small values of Hartmann number. It is found that for large Hartmann number significant increase in load capacity can be obtained even under open circuit condition. Short circuit condition results in zero load capacity, under the approximation considered. At small Hartmann number only a slight increase occurs under open circuit condition and external power must be supplied to get a significant increase. It is seen that a magnetohydrodynamic composite bearing does not always give an increase in load capacity as compared to an equivalent inclined slider bearing, as is the case with classical composite bearing. There is a critical Hartmann number depending on the parameters of the problem, above which MHD effects reduce the load capacity as compared to the case of an equivalent inclined slider bearing. It is also observed that the frictional drag on the bearing can be made zero by supplying electrical energy through the electrodes to the fluid.

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