First of all, thanks to Professor Itzhak Green for the interest in our research paper and providing some comments. The main comments by Professor Green focus on the definitions of some mechanical parameters at initial yield. We have read them in detail and will make explanations in the following:

  1. The first parameter is the initial yield indentation δY (Eq. (3) in our paper).

    In fact, the Poisson’s ratio υ of most common metals is about in the range of 0.28–0.35, such as aluminum (υ = 0.33), bronze (υ = 0.34), stainless steel (υ = 0.3), tungsten (υ = 0.28), iron (υ = 0.3), magnesium (υ = 0.35), etc. After calculation, in this range, the maximum error of δY between the formula suggested by Johnson [1] and the formula suggested by Green [2] is only 6.8% and for the...

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