Reliable high-speed data are presented for leakage and rotordynamic coefficients of a plain annular seal at centered and eccentric positions. A seal with L/D = 0.45 was tested, and measured results have good signal-to-noise ratios. The influence on rotordynamic coefficients of pressure drop, running speed, and static eccentricity was investigated. There is an excellent agreement between experimental and theoretical results in the centered position, even for direct inertia terms, which have not shown good agreement with predictions in past studies. However, the rotordynamic coefficients are more sensitive to changes in eccentricity than predicted. These results suggest that, in some cases, annular seals for pumps may need to be treated more like hydrodynamic bearings, with rotordynamic coefficients which are valid for small motion about a static equilibrium position versus the present eccentricity-independent coefficients.

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