The behavior of a flexible disk, spinning in close proximity to a warped/skewed stationary baseplate, is investigated. The governing partial differential equation for the disk deflection is coupled to the Reynolds equation of the air film. Four warped/ skewed baseplate configurations are modeled. The effects of baseplate warpage and skew on the steady-state configuration of the disk are determined by investigating small deviations away from the axisymmetric configuration of the disk corresponding to a perfect baseplate. Exponential Fourier series expansions in the circumferential direction, along with finite differences in the radial direction, are used. Numerical results are determined and compared for various values of the angular velocity and initial thicknesses of the air film. Among the three warpages considered, the saddle warped baseplate provides the largest change in disk deflection whereas the spherically warped baseplate gives the smallest change. The total response of the disk is obtained by superposition of the deflection change caused by the warped/skewed baseplate and the deflection obtained from the axisymmetric solution.

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