Non-Newtonian effects of multigrade engine oils in dynamically loaded crankshaft bearings are analyzed. The main focus of this work is on the shear-thinning effect. Viscoelastic effects are also considered over a limited range of the relaxation time. It has been shown that the same generalized Reynolds equation used in the Thermohydrodynamic (THD) analysis can be used for analyzing the shear-thinning effects as well. Consequently the shear thinning effect and the THD effect can be treated together. A mass conserving cavitation algorithm developed earlier for doing the THD analysis is used to solve the generalized Reynolds equation. Non-Newtonian shear-thinning significantly affects the power loss, film thickness, and oil flow of a multigrade oil as compared with a Newtonian oil. Over the range of relaxation times considered, no viscoelastic effects were discernible for crankshaft bearings lubricated with multigrade oils.

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