The static characteristics of magnetized journal bearing, which is lubricated with ferrofluid, are investigated. The magnetic force acting on the ferrofluid is obtained using a solenoid model for the magnetized bearing. The model suggests that the position of oil film should be located with the positive magnetic force region. In the study we found that the main feature of the magnetic force is the ability to change the size of the cavitation region, and then all the static characteristics. The pressure resulting from the magnetic force should be incorporated into the Reynolds equation and it cannot be separately treated. The study shows that the bearing load increases in the magnetic bearing and the friction coefficient decreases if they are compared with those of a submerged bearing. Due to the symmetrical distribution of the magnetic force and its zero resultant force to the bearing load, a strong magnetic field may have the same effect on the bearing lubrication as a moderate magnetic field does. The paper focuses particularly on how the magnetic force influences bearing cavitation.

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