This paper presents a mathematical model of the flow and pressure developed in a hydrodynamic guide bearing film under transverse vibration of a translating band. The guide bearing is commonly used in band and circular sawing systems. The perturbed pressure is derived in the frequency domain based on a linearized, incompressible fluid film model. Unsteady fluid inertia, caused by the high frequency vibration modes of the flexible band, is included in the model. The perturbed pressure is generated by two mechanisms, one caused by the band convection, and the other by the band transverse vibration. Moreover, the pressure generations are governed by fluid impedance functions, which characterize the viscous diffusion across the film. Results for both the transient and steady state responses of the film are presented and discussed. It is shown that the pressure component caused by the band convection, which has not been considered in the literature, is important at low frequency. The pressure component caused by the band transverse vibration is dominant at high frequency.

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