An influence of lubrication conditions on the performance characteristics of sector-shaped pad thrust bearings, which are subjected to the effects of both turbulence and fluid film inertia, is investigated theoretically and experimentally. The momentum equations in terms of pressure and stream function are solved by applying a numerical calculation technique combining control volume integration and the Newton-Raphson linearization method, under three kinds of inlet boundary conditions in relation to three types of lubrication conditions, namely: the flooded condition, the over flooded condition, and the starved condition. Sample numerical results pertaining to the pressure distribution, load carrying capacity and inlet flow rate are obtained for θ = 60 deg, R1 = 0.5, Re = 2000, Re* = 0 to 1.6 and A = 1.0 to 2.0, and the results of the load-carrying capacity are compared with experimental results. From the theoretical and experimental results, the relationships between the lubrication conditions and the static performance characteristics of the bearings are clarified.

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