An analytical solution to the problem of combined entraining and normal squeeze motion in nonconformal line contacts hydrodynamically lubricated with an isoviscous, incompressible lubricant has been obtained without any limitations on dimensionless load, dimensionless entraining velocity, and dimensionless velocity parameter. The dimensionless load and entraining velocity are fixed for a complete range of operating parameters for both normal approach and separation. Results show that the lubrication of the outlet boundary and the location of the maximum pressure move upstream into the inlet region as the central film thickness decreases or the dimensionless velocity parameter increases from negative (normal approach) to positive (normal separation). All the dynamic performance parameters relating to the steady-state bearing performance parameters have been found to be functions of only the dimensionless velocity parameter with constant load and entraining velocity. The dimensionless velocity parameter significantly influenced those dynamic performance parameters. The results of this study will be used as the initial guess for the elastohydrodynamic lubrication of nonconformal line contacts.

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