The stresses, strains, and deformations produced by repeated, two-dimensional rolling-sliding contact are analyzed using a modified finite element model developed by Bhargava et al. [1]. Rolling and sliding are simulated by translating an appropriate set of normal and tangential surface tractions across an elastic-perfectly plastic half space. The study examines a peak-pressure-to-shear strength ratio of po/k = 4.5 and normal to tangential force ratios of T/N = 0.20 and T/N = 0.17. The calculations describe the residual stresses, displacements and the continuing cyclic radial, shear and equivalent strains generated at various depths in the rim. The results are compared with previous calculations by Johnson and Jefferis [2] of rolling-sliding contact and with pure rolling. The present work predicts much higher deformations than previously calculated.

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