A symposium was recently held at the National Science Foundation in which a small group of internationally recognized tribologists from academia, federal laboratories, and private industry was invited to discuss and recommend future directions for basic research in tribology. This symposium was followed by a session at the ASME/ASLE Tribology Conference (October 20–22, 1986, Pittsburgh, PA) where representatives from private industry were invited to assess the experts’ recommendations and express the research needs of their respective industries. Among the many research topics that were discussed, four specific areas were emphasized as being in need of immediate attention. They were: 1. predictive models for friction, wear and failure; 2. microscopic and chemical aspects of lubrication; 3. mechanisms and prevention of wear at a microscopic level; and, 4. materials and lubricants for high temperature applications. It was noted that many of these areas are extremely complex and could benefit by interdisciplinary teams collaborating in universities, federal laboratories, and the private sector. The participants expressed the view that there is a great need for the transfer of basic research results to the users in industry.

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