Spur gear endurance tests were conducted with six lubricants using a single lot of consumable-electrode vacuum melted (CVM) AISI 9310 spur gears. The sixth lubricant was divided into four batches each of which had a different additive content. Lubricants tested with a phosphorous-type load carrying additive showed a statistically significant improvement in life over lubricants without this type additive. The presence of sulphur type antiwear additives in the lubricant did not appear to affect the surface fatigue life of the gears. No statistical difference in life was produced with those lubricants of different base stocks but with similar viscosity, pressure-viscosity coefficients and antiwear additives. Gears tested with a 0.1 wt percent sulfur and 0.1 wt percent phosphorus EP additives in the lubricant had reactive films that were 200 to 400 Å (0.8 to 1.6 μin) thick.

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