Using the results shown in some previous papers, the overall characteristics of bearings lubricated with ferrofluids are calculated. First, the load carrying capacity of infinitely long sliding and journal bearings is considered. The pressure center and the attitude angle are also determined. Then, similar characteristics of finite bearings are obtained. In both cases, the new boundary conditions and the actual film extent under magnetic stresses are taken into account. It is shown that friction forces are mainly affected by the change in viscosity due to magnetic particle suspensions, while magnetic stresses modify friction only under special conditions which usually are not met in lubrication. In addition, the flow rates and the side flow coefficients are calculated. It is shown that the lubricant leakage can be reduced and even avoided when proper measures are taken. For short bearings, diagrams are given for the film extent, the film boundaries, the load carrying capacity, and the attitude of the journal center.

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