A method of measuring the forces between a roller and the guide flange in a turbine main shaft bearing has been developed. Experimental measurements of these forces were made for a nonpreloaded bearing with nominally balanced rollers and also intentionally unbalanced rollers. The bearing was radially loaded and measurements of the flange forces were made with the rollers, both in and out of the loaded region. Two different lubricants were studied, and significantly different flange forces were measured as a result of the change in viscosity. Using a MIL-L-23699 lubricant, edge loads in the range of 70–90 N (15–20 lb) were measured for both the balanced and the unbalanced rollers. However, when a light mineral oil (kerosene) was substituted for the higher viscosity military oil, higher edge loads (110–135 N) were measured for the unbalanced roller, but the end forces were reduced for the balanced roller.

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