Endurance life tests were run with standard design and optimized high-speed design 120.65-mm- (4.750-in.-) bore tapered-roller bearings at shaft speeds of 12,500 and 18,500 rpm, respectively. Standard design bearings of vacuum melted AISI 4320 and CBS-1000M, and high-speed design bearings of CBS-1000M and through-hardened AISI M-50 were run under heavy combined radial and thrust load until fatigue failure or until a preset cutoff time of 1100 hours was reached. Standard design bearings made from CBS 1000M material ran to a 10-percent life approximately six times rated catalog life. Twelve identical bearings of AISI 4320 material ran to ten times rated calalog life without failure. Cracking and fracture of the cones of AISI M-50 high-speed design bearings occurred at 18,500 rpm due to high tensile hoop stresses. Four CBS 1000M high-speed design bearings ran to twenty-four times rated catalog life without any spalling, cracking or fracture failures.

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