This bearing with its preloaded, hollow rollers has the qualities required for high speed operation. Roller hollowness improves cooling ability and its lighter weight reduces the centrifugal force against the raceway. Preloading between inner and outer races for 360 deg insures good roller guidance and minimizes roller skidding. However, the problems of operating a full complement of rollers at very high speeds were unknown. Also, limitations caused by roller bending fatigue needed investigation. To answer these questions, a high speed test machine was constructed and a hollow roller test bearing was designed for operation at 3 million DN. This paper describes the construction of a high speed test cell and subsequent testing of a full complement, preloaded, 115 mm hollow roller bearing. Testing culminated in a successful endurance test of 1000 hours at 26,100 RPM (3 million DN). The results verified several advantages regarding roller stability and antiskidding qualities as well as demonstrating a unique fail-safe condition.

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