The first question that springs to many people's minds when they hear of a new journal in the thermal sciences is: Why is another journal being started? Consider this field. The thermal sciences are used in a very wide range of devices and processes, from electronics cooling to heat treatment of metals, from power production to biomedical devices, from chemical processes to alternative energy conversion systems. Different industries and user communities have different needs. Most current journals deal with long-term, basic issues, often largely of academic interest. Frequently, the information in these papers is not presented in a manner that is easy to implement in real applications. Consequently, industrial practitioners and individuals in government labs do not seem to consult many of these journals; rather, they generate the information in-house. There is much duplication of effort, and emerging techniques and technologies discussed in journals often are not translated into practice.

The main question that we hope to answer in the affirmative is: Can we tap into these groups as contributors and readers and demonstrate that a targeted journal can provide them with a valuable tool for information exchange? Bridging the gap between long-term basic research and the needs of companies and industries engaged in thermal systems and thermal engineering is the goal of Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications (TSEA). This new journal is intended to be complementary to the Journal of Heat Transfer (JHT), but with two significant differences. First, we seek to address thermal science and thermal engineering issues, not just the fundamentals of heat transfer. Second, while the JHT publishes papers with more fundamental and/or mathematical approaches, contributions to TSEA must have clear relevancy to an industry, an industrial process, or a device. There are other journals with goals similar to the ones we have set. Most of these journals are focused on a particular industry and have had mixed results in achieving an industry-academic balance or coverage of a wide range of thermal science issues.

We welcome submissions that address applied areas pertaining to thermal energy transport in equipment and devices, thermal and chemical systems, and thermodynamic processes, with an emphasis on application of the fundamentals to the solution of problems faced by industry.  While the phenomenon/process discussed may be complex, the presented results must have a relatively straightforward or feasible path to application. These papers could cover: original research of an applied nature; application/implementation of thermal sciences to processes or systems; technology reviews; and identification of research needs to solve industrial problems at all scales.  Simple engineering design (trade-off) studies with applicability to a single application are not acceptable. Likewise, papers would be rejected if there were no substantive explanation of the application, clear description of how the results are applied, or an indication of the generality of the solution.

We believe that Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications will fill an important niche by providing a high-quality forum for practicing engineers, industrial researchers, government lab workers, and academic researchers who address applied problems involving heat transfer and the thermal sciences. It is our sincere hope that this journal will be well received by the community. We welcome your interest, suggestions, and submissions.