Under the background of developing the advanced infrared camouflage technology, a novel idea of infrared regulation based on cooperative control of emissivity and temperature was proposed. Combining the traditional temperature calculation model, the infrared characteristic calculation model and the proportional-integral-differential (PID) control strategy, the corresponding adaptive infrared control system model was designed. By integrating the electrochromic material with the thin film resistor, the theoretical feasibility of the infrared control system was verified by the principle prototype. On this basis, the models of space target and its profiling decoy were established, and the infrared camouflage characteristics of profiling decoy in 3-5µm band and 8-14µm band were studied respectively. The results show that the profiling decoy with cooperative control of emissivity and temperature can achieve better infrared control effect than that of ordinary temperature control. The cooperative control system can effectively reduce the overshoot of radiation and has the ability of fast response, high control precision and control stability.

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