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Proceedings Papers

ASME 2023 Aerospace Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference

Front Matter

SSDM 2023; V001T00A001


Adaptive and Multifunctional Structures

Advanced Manufacturing for Aerospace Structures

Advances in Aerospace Structures

Applications of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Aerospace Structures

General Topics of Aerospace Structures

Impact, Fatigue, Damage and Fracture of Composite Structures

Nonlinear Problems in Aerospace Structures

Wind Energy

Structural Dynamics

Computational Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics

Computer Methods and Reduced Order Modeling

Dynamic Loads, Response, Vibration and Alleviation of Aerospace Structures

Experimental Studies in Structural Dynamics

Structural Dynamics and Control of Morphing Wing and Smart Structures

Studies in Aerospace Structural Dynamics


Damage, Fatigue, and Fracture

Emerging Materials Technology

General Topics of Aerospace Materials

Materials Development Using Artificial Intelligence

Materials for Extreme Environment


Testing and Characterization

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