To the Members of ASME:

The Energy Committee of the Council on Engineering (COE) of ASME International is responsible for coordinating the cross-cutting, energy-related activities of the Society. It comprises members and representatives from those technical divisions that have an interest and/or involvement in energy-related activities. In the context of the Committee’s operation, energy-related activities are defined as including the broad spectrum of production, utilization, conversion, efficiency, economic, safety and environmental concerns associated with the transportation, power production, industrial, commercial and residential use of energy.

The Committee is tasked by the COE to perform the following activities: identify and develop position statements on energy-related subjects; serve as a resource for the COE and ASME on energy; act as a liaison for ASME with outside organizations; and to develop and/or coordinate forums at conferences on energy-related topics of broad interest across divisions.

As a direct result...

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