The aim of this work is the proposal and the analysis of advanced solar dynamic space power systems for electrical space power generation. In the first part of this work (Agazzani and Massardo, 1995) a performance optimization procedure for a SDCC (Solar Dynamic Combined Cycle) and a SDBC (Solar Dynamic Binary Cycle) was presented. Results have pointed out improvements obtainable in terms of conversion efficiency and specific area (m2/kWe), this last estimated in a simplified way. Nevertheless, before drawing conclusions about the superiority of these advanced systems, it is necessary to verify the constructive possibility of the single components of the systems, estimating weights and surfaces, the most significant parameters in space applications. In this second part the design procedures of some components will be discussed in detail; a complete optimization procedure (thermodynamic analysis and detailed design) will be presented with the purpose of minimizing specific area (m2/kWe) and specific mass (kg/kWe). The results obtained are presented, discussed, and compared with the data of a reference optimized CBC system (Massardo, 1993b).

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