The flapping motion of a single wind turbine rotor blade has been analyzed and equations describing the flapping motion have been developed. The analysis was constrained to allow only flapping motions for a cantilevered blade, and the equations of motion are linearized. A computer code, called FLAP (Force and Loads Analysis Program), to solve the equations of motion and compute the blade loads, has been completed and compared to measured loads for a 3-bladed downwind turbine with stiff blades. The results of the program are presented in tabulated form for equidistant points along the blade and equal azimuth angles around the rotor disk. The blade deflection, slope and velocity, flapwise shear and moment, edgewise shear and moment, blade tension, and blade torsion are given. The deterministic excitations considered in the analysis include wind shear, tower shadow, gravity, and a prescribed yaw motion.

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