A parallel solar augmented heat pump system has been experimentally evaluated in TECH House IV for three heating seasons between fall 1979 and spring 1982. Several changes were made in the operation of the system during the three year period. During 1979–1980, the use of on-peak purchased energy was minimized by charging the pebble bin in the off-peak period with a resistance duct heater. This configuration resulted in 83 percent of the purchased energy occurring in the off-peak period but the seasonal performance factor was only 1.61. During 1980–1981, the system was operated in the normal mode without the use of the off-peak heater. The seasonal performance factor then increased to 2.56. During 1981–1982, the mode of operation was the same as 1980–1981, but new outer cover sheets were installed and the inner cover sheet was eliminated resulting in a single glazed collector. The seasonal performance factor for the 1981–1982 season was measured to be 2.11.

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