The average wind speed at 30 ft height was measured at 19 sites in the Western Kansas region during June 1980–July 1982. Two things were noted from the measurements. First, NWS measured average wind speeds in the region for the same period were about 1.1 mph higher than those measured at the 19 sites. A NWS model anemometer was calibrated, and when the calibration results were applied to the NWS data, the difference was largely removed. Second, there was considerable variation between the measured average wind speeds at the 19 sites, even though the sites were fairly close together, had similar surface cover near each site, and had only very small elevation changes around the towers. An attempt was made to reduce the difference between the measured average wind speeds by a correction based on the small elevation features in the 10-mile radius area surrounding each measurement tower. This measurement correction significantly reduced the differences in the measured wind speeds.

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