The output capacity of the solar-thermal power system located near Willard, New Mexico was 19 kw (25 hp), with a primary application for irrigation pumping. Solar radiation was collected with north-south axis, east-west tracking, parabolic trough collectors having a total aperture area of 1275 m2 (13,720 ft2). Thermal storage was adequate for 20 hr. of power system operation utilizing a reaction-type turbine in conjunction with an organic Rankine-cycle heat engine. Operating efficiencies for the turbine component, heat engine, and the complete power system were 65–80 percent, 10–16 percent, and 1–3 percent, respectively. With the Willard system fully operational and near-term hardware improvement, an annual performance of 22 kw hr/m2 of collector aperature area could be expected. Examples of component operation under variable environmental conditions are presented for the winter and summer seasons. Maintenance experience with the Willard system is also given.

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